Friday, February 27, 2009

But Think of the Entertainment Value!

Our Monks of Miscellaneous Musing have a post up implying a deep concern over a possible Biden presidency should something unthinkable happen to the current president. I must respectfully disagree. I, for one, would love a Biden presidency.

First, the downside of a Biden presidency.

What downside? Are you crazy? Our current president is on track to blast nearly three trillion dollars into confetti this year alone! After that it's just a matter of degree as in, would you rather be burned alive at 700 degrees or 715 degrees? There is no downside.

No onto the good parts. A Biden presidency would be hilaaaaaarious! Every day you would wake up and rush out to get your morning newspaper (I'd resubscribe just for this reason alone) to see what idiotic thing he had said in the previous day. Imagine the press conferences! They'd be vocalized M C Esher drawings! And think of what his press secretary would have to explain on an almost hourly basis! C-SPAN would become the #1 comedy network. Heck, I'd TiVo the thing just so I didn't miss a bit of the fun.

Really now, what would you rather have? A Bourbon Dauphin who has himself confused with Zeus or a Jerry Lewis clone in the White House?

Here, we see Joe Biden sneaking into the White House meeting room prior to an important staff meeting...


Rose said...

Funny. I never thought of Jerry Lewis as 'young' but he is really young there. :)

Skyehaven said...

[fake offended snark] As a lifelong fan of Jerry Lewis, I'm stunned and offended that you'd besmirch his good name by comparing Joe Biden to him. Jerry, at least, was funny ON PURPOSE! :) [/fake offended snark]

mog said...

LOL, it would keep us bloggers busy what with all his constant foot-in-mouth problem.

Maybe post-Presidency, he can do stand up, he'd have plenty of material.

People will be longing for the days when we had President Bush.

Anonymous said...

That was great!


OldSouth said...