Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The Fundamental Question Of The Riots

This is really simple.

Progressive Democrats have ruled over Minneapolis for about 50 years. That means they have hired, trained, managed and led two full generations of the police. One of the central, explicit goals of the progressives has been the elimination of racial injustice.

Progressive Democrats had all financial and HR power over the police. They could fire them, dock their pay, force them to take any amount of training, mandate therapy, and on and on. They had access to all arrest and conviction statistics. They ran the local court system and had access to all trial transcripts and legal evidence. 

Similarly, they managed the entire legal system and hired, trained, managed and led two full generations of city attorneys and judges.

Either the Democrats are incompetent to the point of hopelessness or they succeeded.

Either the George Floyd death was the result of systemic racism or it was an isolated incident indicative of nothing in the wider population. If the former is true, then the Democrats are racist because they are the system. If the latter is true, than the news media is responsible for the riots because they took a statistical outlier and force-fed it to us as typical of the nation.

Which was it? Racist, incompetent Democrats or an insane news media?


Ohioan@Heart said...

Perhaps Option 3: Both. That’s certainly the way I’d vote.

Ilíon said...

I've linked to this OP as an addendum to the following "status" I'd earlier posted too farcebook --

George Floyd's murder, and to a lesser extent the self-caused and justifiable death of Ahmaud Arbery, are quickly shaping up to be the cudgels being used by the Democrats and the RINOs and their leftist puppet-masters to further demolish the liberties of all Americans, white and black.

And this is because when it comes to criminality and violence among black Americans, there is not a single Republican -- not a single damned one of them -- who has the balls to speak the truth. When it comes to black criminality and violence, they're all RINOs.

ligneus said...

Which was it? Racist, incompetent Democrats or an insane news media?

All of the above.
What I don't get is, why, when antifa arrives in town, isn't the National Guard waiting for them?

Ilíon said...

Because the National Guard is not under the direct control of the President, but rather of the individual/separate goobers.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Correct. The President can nationalize and send in the National Guard only if the Insurrection Act requirements are met (as the National Guards are under the individual states). Once those requirements are met the President can also send in the regular Army, which otherwise would be forbidden by the Posse Comitatus Act.

Mostly Nothing said...

The democrats are definitely incompetent here in Minnesota. Well maybe not, depends on how you look at it.

In terms of governing for the good of all, incompetent.

In terms of lying to people, ruling over them, imposing their incomprehensible will, etc; they are over acheivers.

They are not alone.

Joe Soucheray the host of Garage Logic has been asking people with common sense to run for office for 20+ years. All decline. I guess they all have too much common sense to get into the complete cluster ..., err, mess that is Minnesota politics.

I've said it many times, Minnesota is proof that people probably don't deserve the right to vote.
Jesse Ventura
Al Frankin
Ilhan Omar
Bikelane Betsy
Melvin Carter

And as bad as Walz is, he doesn't make the list. That's Minnesota.

Mostly Nothing said...

Just heard, the MPLS city council is exploring the possibility of disbanding the polic force and replacing it with unarmed community service people.

Yeah, that's going to work...

ligneus said...

Are we supposed to laugh or cry?

Guess it depends on whether you live there or not.

Mostly Nothing said...

There is talk of urban flight.

I'm in the suburbs of St Paul, technically 2nd ring, but not really, the first ring suburb is very oddly shaped, they have a 1 mile wide strip of land that goes south for several miles. Basically, it was Maplewood annexing the 3M corporate campus.

Like I said before, we live 3 blocks from the cops house, so that effects things. But I had a knee jerk reaction to sell and move further out. I don't know if that means Stillwater (on the boarder), or out west of Minneapolis.

It seems like we have a nice quiet bedroom community here. It is "diverse" racially, and seems to be liberal leaning politically. Obviously not leaning near as much as the two cities. We've had more than our share of weird stuff happen. More than a few released sexual predators; an 18 year old a couple years ago killed her newborn after not letting anyone know she was pregnant. The school district has never met an expelled student from another district it wouldn't take and plenty of bait and switch referendums and calls of doom and gloom. 8 or so years ago we had a bunch of cops protest the captain. I had the misfortune of going to that city council meeting with one of my sons for a Merit Badge requirement. Those cops are all gone, and the law and order Captain is still here.

There are issues with my house but if there is urban flight, would someone looking to get out of the city pay more for my house and let me get further away from the insanity?

Ilíon said...

If you move farther out, won't you *still* be under the control of the DFL?

Mostly Nothing said...

Sure, but further away from riots. Or potential riots.
My wife was thinking we should have left the house last week, because there were protests 3 blocks away. And while they were kept under control, there was still graffiti on the garage door of the cop's house (spray paint), and street/sidewalks (sidewalk chalk).

The Twin Cities, Rochester, and Duluth are controlled by DFL, the rest of the state is more balanced, and leans to the right. Outer suburbs - Lino Lakes, Maple Grove, Rogers, etc, generally have republican representation.

Of course, there isn't a republican in any state wide office. Ultimately, short of leaving the State, there is no where to go that you aren't under the DFLs thumb.

K T Cat said...

Guns and ammo and a carry permit are the only answers. What happens if you're caught in traffic when it all goes down next time?

Mostly Nothing said...

As bad as it is, I just can't believe that we are near Mad Max post-apocalypse.
Other than occasionally getting to shoot a badly sighted 22 at a range on a Boy Scout camp, I'm really not into guns.

Over the years, the places that I will go in Minneapolis has dwindled to about 5.

I went to a Vikings game when the Stadium was new a couple years ago. I don't need to go again.

I'll only go to day games for the Twins, and that's still only 1 maybe 2 games a year.

Kramarczuk deli for the best in eastern european sausages. Haven't been in a couple years.

Uncle Franky's for the best (in the twin cities) chicago dogs. Haven't been in a couple of years, and there is a suburban location

Quality Coaches, the local MG garage / Moss reseller.

Giordano's Pizza (chicago style) in Uptown. Been the most recently, but unlikely to go soon, not just Covid reasons.

Jax Cafe. Where we had our rehersal dinner if you remember that KT. We were going to go for our anniversary but (insert broken record here). The Gubnor is probably taking care of that. The owner is pretty pessimistic about ever being able to open again.

Scorekeeping for baseball games for the Varsity. That's not too often now that they are in a new conference without any schools in that city.

That's it. There is no other place I can think of that would get me into Minneapolis.

St Paul has a much longer list, and I don't find it near as concerning (I won't say scary). But still, all things equal, I'm going to a store outside of MPLS/StP. Not just because of sales tax.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the summary. I'll bet that same thought process is working itself out in a whole bunch of people these days.

I didn't realize MPLS was that dicey.