Monday, June 29, 2020

I Am So Over The Left's Purity Tests

After the Atlanta cop got charged with murder for taking out the dude what beat him down and then tased him, I stopped caring. With this, I am legit exhausted.
JK Rowling has deleted a tweet expressing her love of fellow author Stephen King, after he confirmed that he supports trans women.
There's an ever-changing, ever-lengthening list of left-wing positions you need to hold in order to be considered acceptable. It used to be funny watching them use it to eat each other, but this one did it for me. It's not fun any more. It's beyond tiresome. I saw this movie in college, decades ago, watching prog-commie academics argue with each other over how many proletarians could dance on the head of a pin. Stephen and JK - it's been done, guys. Please, move on to something else.

Here's something much better. It's a house finch taking a drink at our bird bath, shot with my new Nikon D3500 Artillery Piece. I left the image quite large, so I think it's worth a click. Enjoy!


Ohioan@Heart said...

About how far away was that bird? What would the zoom have been at (I’d assume fully zoomed at 300mm)? The detail in your photos leave me speechless. It’s really amazing that going from 8Mpixels to 24Mpixels makes that big a difference.

K T Cat said...

If I recall, it wasn't fully zoomed. Yes, it's a 300mm lens. It's simply unreal. I particularly like the stripes on the inside of his left leg.

I was probably 30' away from him. I agree, the jump from the old D60 to this one is huge.

K T Cat said...

By the way, the new D3500 cost me half of what the D60 cost, not adjusting for inflation.

Hmm. I just checked. Inflation since 2008 is only 20%, so the D60 cost about 2.5x as much as the D3500. Better quality, much lower price.