Tuesday, June 02, 2020

A National Snipe Hunt

The recent rioting and protests over the death of George Floyd are nothing more than a massive, violent snipe hunt.

Consider this: Who is opposing the protesters? Every politician has come out in agreement with them. Every media outlet is in agreement with them. There are no counter-demonstrations in support of the cop who apparently killed the dude. The Minneapolis PD charged the cop with murder within days of the event.

What are the two sides of the protest? 

The simple and obvious answer is that there aren't two sides. There's only one side. We're all in agreement, cops using unnecessary force is wrong. We're burning and looting our cities in violent agreement.

The riots are supposedly about racism. Again, what are the two sides? Unlike the 1960s, there is no political force behind segregation, racial classification or racism in general. Well, other than the whiteness studies crew in the Democratic Party, I mean.

Then there's the problem of systemic racism. Where is it? How does it work? Minneapolis has been a progressive city for as long as I can remember. Every leader in the place has vigorously championed black equality and opposed racism for decades. The Democrats run every single element of the city's power structure and have for a long, long time. Progressive Democrats are the system. Can anyone explain how systemic racism happens there?

Finally, there is the problem of the data. The data doesn't show a lack of racism, it shows the opposite of racism. Go to Great Schools and look at the performance of black children in majority-black public high schools. Then look at their performance where they are a distinct minority. Over and over, I found that black kids test scores are lower in majority-black schools. If they do better around lots of whites, then racism cannot, c-a-n-n-o-t, cannot be a big deal.

Dittos for crime data. If most violent crime is black-on-black and most violent, interracial crime is black-on-white, then national, anti-black racism would seem to be difficult to prove.

Anyway, on with the snipe hunt! Get those snipes! Let's all come out against something that is practically irrelevant. A few months from now, given the odds in a nation of 330,000,000 people, there will be another incident where someone we've never met kills someone else we've never met and the snipe hunt will be repeated.

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IlĂ­on said...

I'd said this very thing from the beginning. These "protests" are pointless; they are, and were from the start, just the pre-riot.

I've linked to you post on my farcebook page.