Saturday, February 09, 2019

The Green Slave Deal

Looking at this summary of the Green New Deal, here are some "benefits" of the thing.
  • A government-guaranteed job,
  • Free education for life,
  • A salubrious diet,
  • A house, and
  • Free money.
The difference between that list and the list Antebellum, Southern politicians gave for the benefits of slavery is one of degree, not kind. Sadly, I'd suggest that the Southerners offered a better deal as only some of the population would live as slaves whereas under the Green New Deal, we all would.


Update: After I found the quote from Senator Calhoun (D-SC, 1850), the whole thing fell into place for me. Socialism is slavery. Master/government will give you a job. If you do not do the job you will be punished in some way. If you do the job, master/government will give you all the necessities of life and you might be allowed to keep some small portion of what you created.

The Green New Deal is just another way to getting to the desired end state: socialist slavery.

It's even harder being a slave.

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