Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Pedophile Communists

On Twitter, there's been a pretty standard, ongoing conversation of atheism vs. Catholicism. Everyone has staked out the traditional positions and the topics of pederast priests and a hundred million atheism-induced commie corpses have been raised. It's all quite predictable.

During my morning prayers, a simple point dawned on me that I thought I'd share. I'll mark it in bold, in case you're in a real hurry and want to click away after reading it.

We Catholics believe that all men are sinful. Jesus came to redeem our sins, dying on the cross to do so. If priests weren't sinful, then Jesus would have been unnecessary. We could all live righteous lives simply by taking Holy Orders.

When someone points out the pederasty scandals and the cover-ups by the Church leadership, it doesn't invalidate the faith, it reinforces it. Of course priests are subject to carnal temptations. Of course the leadership is tempted to retain their power and authority through lies and deceit. That's kind of what we all do, every day.

Acknowledging our fallibility and confessing our sins is what we're called to do. Hopefully, the scandals cause a few more of us to do so while we go about demanding punishment for the few, despicable swine among our clergy.

Atheist socialists, on the other hand, should not be horrified by the mountains of dead. For them, the arc of history is bending in one direction, towards communism, and if we can get there faster by snuffing out 7, 8 or 9 digits worth of valueless meat bags, then by all means, let's get to it! It's a feature, not a bug. Like Hitler, if you read Lenin, he pretty much tells you how it's all going to go.

For the Secular Left, the moral queasiness about the slaughter only comes when you live in the twilight world between old Christianity and new socialism. Even as an atheist, the cultural momentum from a Christian past places within you an implicit value on human life even as your atheist socialism is blotting them out by the boatload.

Not to worry. If the Secular Left can just finish off the Christians or at least silence them, they'll be free from that narrow-minded, moral judgment and able to bend that old arc of history even harder until then end of it, like some kind of ghastly rainbow, ends in the abattoir of total freedom.

Or whatever that end is supposed to be.

When we have abolished the last vestiges of Christian superstitions and this no longer bothers you, we will have achieved true enlightenment.

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