Monday, January 21, 2019

We Were Only Following Orders

... because we're all Nazis now.

Well, almost all of us. Really, the only ones of us who aren't Nazis yet don't count as we don't have TV shows, a diocese, schools to run or large online followings.

Ah, how quickly the movement of der Volk builds. How completely it envelops everything. How irresistible its force! It seems like only a few short years ago that kids could join the March for Life, wear whatever they wanted and not end up being tortured and interrogated in Spandau Prison in the media and online. Thankfully, we do not live in such benighted times where undisciplined children can think and act as they wish. No, today we all know our assigned duties to the Reich for social justice and carry them out faithfully.

In case you missed it, a group of students from a Catholic high school in Kentucky attended the March for Life over the weekend. Some of them wore MAGA hats. After the event, they were waiting for their bus to pick them up and were singing and chanting school songs. It was all good fun. A native American social justice warrior approached them and did his best to annoy them, particularly one young man wearing one of those hats that indicates that you are a Jew white conservative. The kids weren't quite sure what to make of it and some continued their rambunctious fun. It was all caught on video.

The editorial staff of Der Stürmer news media showed everyone carefully edited versions of the video and the mobs sprung into action. Everyone from CNN to the Washington Post to Twitter celebrities with tens of thousands of followers felt that orgasmic thrill they get whenever there's the possibility that they can slaver about the horrible behaviors of the Jews white, conservative, Christian men.

Wie wundervoll! Wir haben jetzt den Beweis, dass dieser Untermensch einen der Volk angegriffen hat!

That's to be expected from the progressives as they are Nazis without ambition. The not-quite-so-shocking part was the way non-progressives fell into line, screaming at the kids and demanding immediate punishment. Any debate over their actual crimes were strictly a formality and easily brushed aside, their guilt having been predetermined because they were Jews white, conservative, Christian, young men.

You don't have to be a Nazi to assist the progressives, you might just be someone who is learning how to live under the new order. At some point, they become so powerful that your impulse is to spend most of your time with your hands folded and your mouth shut, awaiting your chance to join the mob, pointing and screaming at whoever who has violated the latest laws of the Reich progressives. If you do that, maybe they won't come after you. Until much, much later.

Among those who grabbed a torch and rushed to the Party rally were:
  • The National Review,
  • The kids' Catholic High School,
  • The Kentucky diocese including the bishop and archbishop and
  • Organizers from the March for Life.
Let that sink in.

It's one thing for the prog-Nazis to demand reeducation camps for Normals. That's to be expected. It's quite another for the institutions that allegedly support the Normals to have graduated from those camps and put into practice all they've learned.

Yep. Other than a few of us knuckle-dragging, Untermensch rednecks, we're all Nazis now.

And who wouldn't want to join the Party? They look like they're having such fun. Plus, those dudes in black with the helmets took someone famous to Spandau just the other day and beat the living daylights out of him for violating one of the Reich's more trivial rules. The best way to keep safe is to don your brown shirt and lift your right arm in salute!


tim eisele said...

After seeing the numerous videos surfacing about the whole business, I think the real issue is:

-You are always on camera, and anything you say or do may be made public, and maybe twisted to your disadvantage, at any moment.

This seems to me to be much more of a concern than engaging in yet another round of "Who's the Nazi?"

Foxfier said...

I want to know how many times those activists have gotten away with publicly harassing a group of school kids to try to force them to move for whatever bullying reason, videoed or photographed it, edited it, and used that to victimize innocent targets?

Because they clearly didn't expect anybody to be able to challenge their lies, and that stolen valor head activist has an oddly long record of having been a random victim. (To the point that when he went to protest various Indian themed team mascots in the 90s, local tribal representatives would follow him around. Now, that is basically them reacting to rumor and/or suspicion...but this incident rather justifies it.)

Foxfier said...

Incidentally, the racial activist Phillips uploaded video of himself making false claims about his military service.

How many lives has this loser damaged, trying to fill his need to feel important?