Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The College Of Catdinals Has Convened!

The search for a new Maximum Leader has begun. Through deep prayer, the workings of the Holy Spirit and visits to local animal shelters, the College of Catdinals will choose a new Leader for the faithful of the Feline Theocracy.

When we have chosen a new Maximum Leader, we will reveal this with white smoke coming from the Catican.
Close observers of the Feline Theocracy suggest that this Maximum Leader will be a hefty, aged female who will have a strong will and be able to keep the Catican Guards in line. A few are suggesting that the Catdinals might go an entirely new direction and select a huge tomcat who will simply terrorize the Guards and rule with an iron paw. Despite the strong pro-life stance of the Theocracy, no one expects to see a kitten or younger cat named as the new Leader.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I wait in eager anticipation for the white smoke to appear. I'm living vicariously, since the mister and I won't get a cat again for quite some time.

tim eisele said...

Our animal shelter has a "cat room", where most of the cats are free to wander around and mingle with visitors. A good way to find a compatible cat from there is to just sit down and wait to see who comes and climbs up on your lap.

Anyway, I wish you the best in your search for a new Maximum Leader.

K T Cat said...

Our biggest concern are the local coyotes. We need a Leader content to hang out in our fortified Compound and not try to climb the fence to get out. Being outside the walls after dark is a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

My cats have been indoor only, though I used to take one out on a leash. It's a wild world out there. Enough lizards sneak in the house to keep Anisette on her toes. I try and rescue them before she kills them.