Monday, May 23, 2016

Now We're Just Killing People For No Reason At All

Apparently, we whacked some Taliban dude in Afghanistan.
Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was likely killed Saturday in a U.S. drone strike in a remote area of Pakistan, a U.S. defense department official said.
Why? We're leaving the place. If you're not going to win the war and impose your will on the country, then what's the point of killing? Whether the guy was bad or good, I don't see the point in killing him. Like the Democrats, to take one example, the Taliban isn't driven by individuals, it's driven by ideology. 4 years from now, Bernie Sanders won't be running for president, but they'll still be some socialist nutbag in the Democrats' primaries.

If we're going to get out, let's stop killing people and get out. If we're going to stay, let's bring in 250,000 troops and turn the place into the 51st state. This pointless, neither-here-not-there involvement is nonsense.

We killed people in a country we'll be leaving in a little while. Yay?


tom said...

No, we didn't whack him in Afghanistan, we whacked him in Pakistan. We aren't at war there, we're just dropping bombs on allied territory.

Imagine we start dronestriking bad guys in Germany or Canada too. Why not do it in the US?

You missed the interesting story here...

Foxfier said...

The goal is "make Obama look good."

Now, I want the head position of these groups to be a very uncomfortable place-- and there are reasonable purposes to blow the SOB up, even if we are leaving very soon. For starters, because the bleepers know we're going, they're going to try to kill as many people as flashy as possible so they can tell the civilians that they drove us away.

Even thought we said we were leaving, everybody knows they lie, right? And eventually folks will just remember Americans=> big boom => no Americans.

But it's not part of a coherent goal, the goal is "do something."