Friday, May 06, 2016

Breaking Up

In 2012, my wife, a lifelong Chicago Democrat, voted Republican for the first time. In a very emotional decision, she came to the conclusion that she couldn't be a devout Catholic and vote for the Democrats.

Yesterday, I left the Republican party and became an independent. I can't be part of the Trump mob.

Neither of us have a political home any more.


WC Varones said...

Welcome, amigo!

Independence is liberating!

Foxfier said...

I'm waiting for him to be nominated before I get too upset, but we're shopping around as well.

Did get a bit of a kick out of some of the folks assuming those who object to Trump are just perfect for the abortion-and-weed type libertarian groups.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, Foxie, the Libertarians are only good in that they're limited-government stance puts an upper bound on the amount of damage that can be done. I'm much more a Federalist than a Libertarian. Let every state do what they want.

Hmm. Maybe I should buy that Confederate flag for my front yard after all. ;-)

K T Cat said...

WC, I don't find it liberating in a good sense. I find it liberating in the sense of being on a sailboat and throwing off the lines to head out to sea. As in out at sea alone. It cuts some of the ties that are the source of patriotism for me.

tim eisele said...

Don't feel so alone, KT. You aren't. There are more of us outside of the parties than inside them. The party hacks want us to *think* that our lines of patriotism go through their grubby hands, but they don't. Not really.

The parties are not the source of patriotism, they are abusers of it. They use the threat of being thought "unpatriotic" to coerce people into joining their floating personality cults. Please don't let them do that to you.

IlĂ­on said...

What Tim said.

At the same time, damnit K T! You didn't (and don't) give a damn that Cruz is not a natural born US citizen (*) -- you don't give a damn that the Constitution *forbids* him to occupy the presidency, and now you want to climb onto a moral-and-patriotic high-horse and hold your nose about the Trumpkins.

(*) he is a naturalized US citizen; and he wasn't even that until he was 16 years old. Thus, from the time his mother brought him into the States when he was four until he was 16, he was an illegal alien.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the advice and suggestions. Still, to feel utterly outside of a party is to say that there is no collection of like-minded Americans large enough to form a power bloc. Even when the R's ran Mittens, I didn't feel that way. I don't see it as the parties have moved away from me, but the country has moved away.

Trump didn't nominate himself, you know.

Jon Dager said...

you are not alone.

my parents, GOP members for 50 years, are leaving as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we have two progressive liberals to choose from. As an independent...I am now leaning towards the Libertarian party, as the Liberals and the Republicans are almost the same thing.