Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Congressional Democrats not so Invested in Obama After All

From the Puppy Blender, we have this.
Mr. Obama considered announcing the formation of a Social Security task force at a White House “fiscal responsibility summit” that he will convene on Monday. But several Democrats said that idea had been shelved, partly because of objections from House and Senate leaders.

The president signaled in his campaign that he would support addressing the retirement system’s looming financing shortfall, in part by applying payroll taxes to incomes above $250,000 ...

Liberal Democrats are already serving notice that they will be equally vehement in opposing any reductions in scheduled benefits for future retirees. But any solution, budget analysts said, must include a mix of both approaches, though current beneficiaries would see no change.
Presidents come and go, but the Congress stays the same. With reelection rates for Congresscreatures around 94%, they stay on through one presidential administration after another. Whether or not George Bush or Barack Obama are successful is all one to them. They need to protect the pork for their districts to keep getting reelected.

Retired presidents go on speaking tours and make lots of money. Congresscreatures who lose elections have to get real jobs. How icky!

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