Monday, June 24, 2024

My Joe Biden Debate Conspiracy Theory

Elsewhere, more responsible people are positing that the reason the Democrats offered Joe Biden up as a human sacrifice in a debate with Trump well before the party conventions was to determine whether or not he was going to last through the campaign.

Me, I'm willing to make a wild, unsubstantiated suggestion because I've got nothing at all riding on these blog posts.

What if the plan is to have Biden fall apart on stage? That is, they juice him with amphetamines before the debate just like they did before the State of the Union speech, only this time they shortchange him. Instead of enough drugs to carry him through 90 minutes of ranting, they only give enough for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of spittle-flecked raging, he subsides into those weird whispers and finally just falls apart completely.

If they did that, he would obviously have to replaced as the candidate before the convention and the DNC could pick their own nominee in a bong-smoke-filled back room. I've heard others say that passing over Kamala would be a problem, but I don't believe that. They could nominate Newsom and he could pick a Hispanic drag queen as VP or something like that and everyone could get behind him/her/them/xim because behind it would be the safest place to be.

It's all winning, if you ask me.

Gavin Newsom, you are the winner!


tim eisele said...

It would not surprise me a great deal if both parties are intending for their candidate to melt down on stage so that they can be cleared to pick someone else at their conventions. I think both parties have decided that having the general populace actually vote on nominees at the primaries is a failed experiment. The party leaders are longing to go back to being the "kingmakers" that actually pick their candidate at the national convention.

The thing is, they may not be wrong. The whole primary system has become a mess, with the first couple of states weeding out almost everyone right away. It almost never produces nominees that are generally considered the best choices.

K T Cat said...

As much as I wish this was true, it just isn't on the R side. Trump faced a couple of well-funded, excellent candidates and just crushed them. I every R voter in the primary states showed up to the polls, he'd still have crushed them. There isn't a scenario under which Trump was going to lose the primaries.

I'm still beating my head against my desk at the thought that we could have had DeSantis. Unreal.

The level of disgust at the establishment Rs is off the charts. Trump is a giant, if incoherent and warped, middle finger at the people who wrecked this country. They cannot replace him because no one follows them, they follow Trump.

On the D side, no one is a true Biden partisan. He could be replaced an there wouldn't be rioting in the streets like there would be with Trump.

What I don't see from my utterly fallible crystal ball is what the general electorate's response would be to a cold-blooded replacement of Biden. My gut feeling is that we're so relativistic in our morality and detached from our elites these days that it would be met with a shrug and people would then choose between Newsom and Trump as if nothing had happened.