Saturday, June 22, 2024

Don't Judge! Trump!

Dig this from Bill Maher and Andrew Cuomo, discussing Trump's NY felony convictions.

They've got it partly right, but they've missed a bigger point, probably because they agree with it or perhaps because they marinate in it so much that they don't even know it exists. The point is this:

If every sex act known to man or beast is morally the same, then you can't very well go after Trump for boinking a porn star and expect the charges to be taken with any kind of importance at all.

For decades, the progressives have told us "love is love," "don't judge," "love the one you're with" and so on. They won that particular battle and now dominate the culture of sex. Everything goes! For example, dig how Lego is now including furries in with the LGBT crowd.

If you've convinced us that people having orgies while wearing animal costumes is OK, you can't very well expect us to gasp in scandalized, Victorian horror when a billionaire playboy pays off a porn star. In fact, paying off a porn star is so mild that it's almost prudish. Compare Trump's hush money to the behavior of the head of LGBTQ Democrats for Maryland.

Is it any wonder why Trump's convictions didn't move the polls and only resulted in him receiving a tsunami of donations?

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tim eisele said...

"you can't very well go after Trump for boinking a porn star "

That's not what he was charged with, though. He was charged with falsifying business records to hide it afterwards. Just like Clinton wasn't impeached for having sex with an intern, he was impeached for lying about it under oath.

Now, you may think that those charges are a crock, and that they were cooked up just to have something leagally actionable to charge them with, and that they are basically a result of a prosecutor fishing until they found something that could be twisted into a criminal offense. But the fact remains that the actual sex acts were not the crimes that either Trump or Clinton were actually charged with.