Monday, November 27, 2023

The End Of Culinary Disco

 First off, my cooking lately has been dreadful. The kittens weren't around for Thanksgiving, but sister kitteh was in town and we had a Tanzanian nun over as well. Instead of turkey, we made those frozen lobster tails from Costco. Horrible. Simply horrible. No matter what you do, they're tough and they don't have the sweet, lobster flavor. Never again.

On Friday, youngest son kitten and the unicorn, his girlfriend, came over. We smoked a turkey this time, going with Champion Smoker Myron Mixon's recipe. It was horrible. Simply horrible. The bird got to the requisite 165 about 90 minutes too early, so I made a command decision and left in the smoker, but turned down the heat. The end result tasted bad because Myron's brine solution was awful. It was also tough from smoking or perhaps from the quality of the bird. Finally, some parts were overdone and some were underdone. How is that possible?

Speaking of overdone, but underdone, we made a tomahawk steak recently, the ones you get from Costco. This time I ever used a meat thermometer and I still got purple spots and parts that were the color of shoe leather. We used to swear by those tomahawks, but these days we just swear at them.

And the beat goes on. I can't remember that last meal I made that I really liked.

The End of Disco

... is what the racial justice thing feels like these days. It feels ... exhausted. Dig these.

Whiteness? Again? Aren't we done with that?

The girl was kidnapped by the Hamas savages on 10/7. Since Muslims are considered an "oppressed " group, you can't say they ever do anything wrong.

Dude was an immigrant. WaPo couldn't bring itself to say anything bad about a "migrant."

Honestly, it's all boring. It's all played out.


Tim Eisele said...

A while back, my daughters bought a copy of "Heroes' Feast", a D&D themed cookbook, and have made a bunch of the recipes. And, somewhat surprisingly, they have all been pretty good! It is focused on recipes that make enough food for a good sized gaming group. They say that the recipes have the kind of attention to every step of cooking that you would expect from gaming geeks or engineers.

Mostly Nothing said...

We had a good turkey, conventionally made. My son smoked a turkey out in Idaho, he's got the process down pretty well now. He has a 4 probe meat thermometer with wifi, that helps. He also separated the bird so parts could come off as they were done. I'm told it went well. He did smoke it ahead of time, for various reasons. The report is that it went well.

He is also defending is Masters on the 6th. He's looking forward to that being done.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Mrs. Ohioan made her regular turkey with her stuffing (not dressing) and the other trimmings. Just wonderful. She tried to figure between every Thanksgivings and some Christmases and a few other times how many she’s made. It came out in the 60’s. So she’s got it down to a science. ��

K T Cat said...

Those all sound delicious! Next year, we're going back to deep fried.