Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Flawed Initial Conditions

This snippet comes from The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self by Carl Trueman. I used to think it was an excellent description of what is going on with the trans movement in particular and the woke mob in general, but I've come to have some reservations about it.

Most significant for my argument in this book, they lead to a prioritization of the individual’s inner psychology—we might even say “feelings” or “intuitions”—for our sense of who we are and what the purpose of our lives is. To leap ahead, transgenderism provides an excellent example: people who think they are a woman trapped in a man’s body are really making their inner psychological convictions absolutely decisive for who they are; and to the extent that, prior to “coming out,” they have publicly denied this inner reality, to that extent they have had an inauthentic existence. This is why the language of “living a lie” often appears in the testimonies of transgender people.

While it is true that the trans people and all the other wackadoodle genders out there are indeed creating their own definitions for themselves without reference to anything external, all based on their feelings, that passage and, in fact, the whole book is too complicated. Making your inner psychological convictions absolutely decisive is wrong, but what is missing is what is right.

You can claim gravity doesn't exist because you don't feel that it exists, but it's still there.

You can claim that you get to define yourself based on your feelings, but you can't. God created the universe and He had a hand in creating you. Who you are is a tiny extension of who He is. You exist in a universe that He created, with all of its attendant laws of chemistry, physics and biology. That universe also comes with a moral order and a meaning that is above you. You fit into reality, reality doesn't fit into you. Or rather, you fit into reality, you don't get to define your own reality and climb into that.

I think one of the reasons the trans people are so fragile is that they are trying to create a model for reality from a blank piece of paper. It's doomed to be wildly mistaken, filled with logical flaws. When you begin to point out those flaws, you are deconstructing reality around them like it's some kind of computer simulation science fiction story where the algorithms have gone mad.

The trans movement is atheistic at its core and so there is nothing for the trans person to hold onto when people begin to point out the fallacies in their construct. They don't even have a hope of finding an anchor once things begin to collapse. Hence the violent language. When you argue with them you are indeed "erasing their existence."

Like a rocket off course, they spiral out of control because their initial conditions were flawed. They do not get to define reality, it exists independent of them. That is the problem. The fact that they prioritize their inner convictions is a product of that initial condition failure.

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