Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Railroads With Torn Up Tracks

 ... end up going off the rails.


I recently came across Moms4Liberty and added them to my reading list because of things like this. It's an expose on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which is another way of saying "Secular Religion." Their essay focuses on whether or not SEL is religious and therefore unconstitutional, but I have a much more basic concern. The people pushing it are naïve to the point of self-destruction.

In that essay, there's a link to a foundational document on SEL. Here's an excerpt.

Five Stages of Religious Change

This is not the first major shift in the American religious landscape. Studying previous sea changes, historian William McLoughlin has adapted Anthony F. C. Wallace’s map for cultural change to a religious context and proposes this map to be used in today’s currents of change.

1. A crisis of legitimacy means that individuals cannot sustain the common set of religious understandings by which they believe they should act. The questioning of conventional doctrines and practices, leads to an uncertainty in one’s sense of identity.

2. Cultural distortion leads to individuals concluding that their problems are not due to personal failure, but institutional malfunction. They start seeking to change structures or reject them.

3. A new vision emerges. New understandings of human nature, God, spiritual practices and ethical commitments are articulated.

4. Small communities start to form to experiment and innovate with religious, political, economic and family structures in search for a new way of life. New practices give meaning and make the world different. Others are recruited to join the new path.

5. The process of institutional transformation. The movement of the religious middle ground towards the new, which makes transformation possible.

That document is glad to see a remaking of our society, brought about by the destruction of our existing religious institutions. Hurrah for them! They posit that something better will take its place.

Why? If you rip up the railroad tracks, why would expect the train to continue on its journey in peace and safety?

Dig this bit of foaming-at-the-mouth racial hate from Disney.

When you have an entertainment colossus like Disney producing racial propaganda videos geared towards children, why would you anticipate peace, love and harmony resulting from the obliteration of societal norms and traditions?

Comanche society made sense. It worked for thousands of years. We are the Comanche and you're not. We will raid, kill, kidnap, rob and destroy because you are not one of us. The Vikings did that, too as did every single pre-civilizational culture in human history. If you destroy the structures of civilization, why wouldn't you expect to return to the systems that existed before?

SEL sounds so great in the faculty lounge. In real life, well, things might get a bit dicey.

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Ilíon said...

==Why does Disney hate white people?==

Also, why does Disney peddle such negative and racist stereotypes about black people as they do in that video?