Sunday, February 05, 2023

Harry Potter And The Warsaw Pact Of Transgender Howler Monkeys

How's that for a gumbo of metaphors?

First off, let's tackle the transgender thing. From a recent post, here's the theoretical basis for transing yourself:

There is no creator, and so we are free to create ourselves. The body is an object with no intrinsic meaning. We give it whatever meaning we want, using technology to undo what is perceived to be natural.

If you're a woman, you do not become a man when you take testosterone, get your breasts cut off or start presenting as a man, you become a man the moment you say you're a man. The drugs and slicing are lagging indicators to your manhood. Like Harry Potter, you say some magic words, wave your wand and Poof! you are whatever you say you are. The poison and knives simply reinforce your magic spell.

You get to create your own fantasy. Since you deny the existence of objective reality, your fantasy is as real as anything else.

Why Not Using Pronouns Is Violence

In order for you to maintain your fantasy, others must acknowledge that it's true. If they don't use your pronouns, they aren't claiming their own fantasy world, they are destroying yours. No, that doesn't make any sense, but then again, none of this does, so who cares?

The contradiction: You get to create a fantasy world where you're a man. Using the logic of the trans, if someone else creates their own fantasy world where you're not a man, they are full of hate. You get your fantasy and they must play along. You are an emotional 2-year-old, unable to negotiate the rules of a shared game.

As bad as people with contradictory fantasy worlds are, worse still are the people who deny the fantasy worlds exist at all. This is what is meant by "denying someone's existence." They are not just making an argument, they are destroying reality itself for you.

Further, someone who says that a woman's body makes you a woman, isn't just popping your bubble, they're popping all trans bubbles everywhere. If any transphobe is allowed to speak to any trans person, it is a threat to all trans people.

Cue the howler monkeys. 

When a threat is made against a trans person's fantasy world, they begin howling. Their allies jump in and begin howling, too. It's their group defense mechanism. They are responding to an attack, not on an individual trans, but on the entire tribe and so the tribe goes on the attack to destroy the threat.

The Warsaw Pact Of Perverts

Under a treaty like the one that bound the Warsaw Pact nations, an attack on one is considered an attack on all of them. Each nation is obligated by treaty to mobilize their armies and fight the invader, even if the enemy isn't attacking their territory.

Suggesting that reality is objective and trans is a ridiculous fantasy is a threat to all perverts everywhere. If you posit that there is only one reality and there is a moral obligation to accept that, it implies that morality itself is objective. Objective morality is an existential threat to OnlyFans, PornHub, the furries, the drag queens, Tinder and more. One doesn't need to lay out a specific, objective, sexual morality to be a threat to the Warsaw Pact of Perverts. It's enough to claim that objective morality exists.

Claims of objective morality represent a clear and present danger so a pre-emptive strike by the perverts is a reasonable response. Cue even more howler monkeys. The enemy must be driven from the field! Disable their social media accounts and get them fired from their jobs!

Howl! Howl! Howl for safety! Howl until the threat is gone! Howl some more to make sure all of the other predators see that you are powerful! HOWL!

When progressive Catholics like the flaccid Cardinal McElroy of San Diego or the creepy Father James Martin argue for "a radically inclusive Church," they're surrendering to the howling. They're not just giving up the faith, they're giving up the notion of objective reality itself.

And so here we are. We're living in a nation where the most powerful social group is the alliance of sexual degenerates. One of their most vulnerable subgroups are the trans lunatics. Their borders are the hardest to defend, so the response to an attack on them must be swift and overwhelming.

That's why you're a hateful, transphobe bigot.

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