Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Mueller Report Will Reveal Nothing

... we didn't already know.

Russia gets almost all of its income from petroleum products. There was simply no way on Earth they were going to try to tip the election in favor of a guy whose policies were going to lower the price of oil. There was no Russian collusion, there was no chance of it ever happening, there was never even a moment where anyone in any position of power in Russia who was even vaguely sober would have even started to begin to think about the possibility of getting going on a plan to ponder doing it.

There was no Russian collusion and we knew that before Trump was nominated.

The elites are complete fools and they're not afraid to let us know because they don't know they are fools. I've seen people who should know better rant on Twitter that somehow the people in the FBI, DOJ, media, etc. are somehow indicative of a Deep State conspiracy. Are you kidding me? This isn't a cabal, this is who the "elite" are. They are mountebanks and charlatans and clowns and morons and any other name you can think to give them.

I need to go make fried chicken and biscuits, because that's what a Yankee-born, Southern-by-choice, California boy does. I'll leave you with this from Psalms 146.
Put no trust in princes,
in children of Adam powerless to save.
Who breathing his last, returns to the earth;
that day all his planning comes to nothing.

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