Sunday, October 21, 2018

Diversity Is Evil

Diversity of thought, that is.

Pressed for time today, so this will be succinct.

Rod Dreher posted a letter the other day from my bishop's "Listening Tour" wherein Bishop McElroy has visited a couple of churches in his diocese to allow the unwashed masses to speak with him about the Church's abuse scandal. The first one turned into a riot as people blew up at him and since then, the events have been scripted like a straight jacket.
It was clear from the onset that the listening session was not a listening session but rather a controlled public relations tour. Tables were set up with about 8 per table and a facilitator. The facilitator was tasked to jot down one question from the table to ask the Bishop. A moderator who held the microphone to the facilitator’s mouth, ready to pull it away if need be, walked from table to table so we could ask our question. Most people complied with this arrangement which didn’t give the laity any chance to tell the Bishop what they thought or what they thought should be done as it was staged as a Q&A where we ask then listen.
A few more data points.
  • Advertising for the Gosnell movie was repeatedly blocked by Facebook.
  • Conservative Twitter accounts get blocked or banned with regularity. The latest one was Gay Patriot.
  • All of the late night comics have the exact same political and social views.
  • YouTube regular demonetizes Prager University videos.
I could go on, but you get the picture. If you don't hew the orthodox line with regards to politics and society, you will be silenced. The elites don't need nor want to hear your views.

This makes sense if you see it as a religious conflict. Your views aren't just wrong in their eyes, they're evil because they're wrong. You can't argue with them because they're not going to listen to you and they will do their best to make sure that others don't hear your evil opinions. Gaia forbid that your heresies might spread! They must evangelize their views and suppress yours to spread love, compassion and acceptance across the country. You represent hate, greed and bigotry.

Even to the elites in the Catholic Church, you are evil. Shut up.

Now, NPC memes are being deleted and banned from Twitter.

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ligneus said...

Infuriating, isn't it. But those evil forces have been trying to win for centuries, they didn't win so far and they won't this time.The tide is turning and I believe that Donald J is the man of the hour just as Churchill was in 1940. One caveat, though Churchill had his detractors and out right enemies on home soil, he didn't have the phalanx of traitors that Trump faces. It will be interesting to see in the mid terms just how much support Trump has among the people.