Thursday, March 12, 2015

Libertarians Support Sagging

It's late and I haven't blogged today for a variety of good and bad reasons. Still, there's something to be said as there is every day, whether I've got time to type or not.

Driving past my daughter's school before the first bell, I saw students walking in. Many were sagging or exhibiting other forms of dress less-than-suitable for success.

So what? Why shouldn't they?

What if the majority of the country decided that our fascination with material success was misplaced or undesirable and what mattered most in life was smoking weed and satisfying our basic, organic needs? Who should object?

Curmudgeons like me, that's who. But not for the reasons you might expect.

As the national debt clock says, we all owe about $60,000 in government debt. It's worse than that as the elderly, infirm, incompetent and addicted will never pay. Let's round it up to $120,000 and leave it at that.

With a debt burden like that, we don't have the freedom to dress like idiots. Each one of us has to be deliberately industrious, striving to earn as much money as possible so we can pay our share of the debt. The alternative is an Argentina-style currency crisis, as Japan will experience any day now.

In retrospect, the title of this blog pot is backwards. Saggers should be libertarian. Anyone who wants to dress and behave in a counter-culture, express-yourself, conventions-be-darned* fashion ought to be fanatical libertarians, doing everything they can to shrink the government and pay off the debt.

Once we do that, we can all smoke weed and wear our pants around our thighs. Victory!

Err, victory of some kind. Not mine, mind you, but at least we'd be free again. Debt makes you a slave.

* - I'm such a prude, I won't even swear here.

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