Saturday, July 05, 2014

Votes On The Hoof

... is the way Political-Americans seem to see Mexicans crossing our border. Which party is going to appeal to the Hispanics the most? Who is going to win the votes and give illegals the most goodies?

Above all, we need to be reminded on a daily basis how gosh-darned compassionate the progressives are as they hand out benefits, refuse to enforce immigration laws and fight protecting the border.

Maria Gonzalez*, formerly of La Trinitaria, MX and now resident of some warehouse in Brownsville, TX, was Maria Gonzalez before she crossed the border. Knowing the border wasn't enforced and the benefits were there, she ditched the lousy life in La Trinitaria and headed north.

A four star restaurant in La Trinitaria.
When she was robbed in Puebla, she was Maria Gonzalez. When she was assaulted in San Luis Potosi, she was Maria Gonzalez. When she nearly died of thirst in the back of a van in Tamaulipas, she was Maria Gonzalez.

It wasn't until she crossed into Texas that we cared about Maria. At that point, she became a trophy to our compassion. Speeches were made about Maria. Debates raged over Maria. Pundits pontificated about Maria. Of course, had Maria failed to reach the US because she died, ran out of cash or was enslaved on the way as were so many of her co-travelers, the Very Important People in America wouldn't have said a word about her.

It all started when she made the very reasonable cost-benefits decision in La Trinitaria, taking into account the lack of border enforcement and American government benefits. Until she crossed the border, she wasn't a potential vote.

* - If you're wondering, this name is just a proxy for any of the immigrants.

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