Friday, May 30, 2014

By All That's Merciful, Let's Eliminate Press Secretary Briefings

This was horrible.

The State Department press secretary went out and prattled off her talking points, none of which had any substance, none of which she could defend and then got grilled to a crisp by reporters who were laying in wait for her. There was mocking, there was laughing, there was humiliation. Why?

Did anyone learn anything? Did anyone expect to learn anything? This is no different from the pointless sessions with the President's press secretary who spouts political talking points and then gets toasted over an open fire when his statements are clearly stupid. When his statements aren't clearly stupid, they still don't seem to have any value. It's just one person standing up in front of a bunch of other people flapping his gums to no effect.

Unless there's some national need to watch young civil servants be destroyed in video clips, we ought to exercise mercy and stop this whole thing.


Ilíon said...

Bob Parks asks: If This Administration Were A Sitcom…

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I think I learned she has a crush on the president.

Said in a fluttery voice "Oh, well I don't think he gives himself enough credit"


I bet she was one of the fainters during Obama's campaign. (I'd say one of his campaigns, but he's never really put that hat away)

Ilíon said...

Wouldn't it be simpler, or at least better, to eliminate the delusion that BHO -- a non-naturela-born US citizen ... assuming he even is still a US citizen -- is President of the USA? I mean, if the poor lady hadn't been forced to pretend that BHO is president, would she have felt compelled to praise his humility?