Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rain of Terror

Thievery provides it’s own punishment.

In our neighborhood, we have a geriatric cat named Sylvester that loves human food. He’s an accomplished thief. Since our own Maximum Leader, K T Cat, doesn’t like the plastic flap on the cat door, we have nothing but a pet-sized opening on one of our doors to allow the animals access to the great outdoors. Last night we made Cajun Maquechou. It is a vegetable dish consisting primarily of corn with plenty of cayenne pepper. I accidentally left some of it on the kitchen counter. In the middle of the night, or so we suppose, Sylvester crept in and ate it.

Picture the results. Indigestible vegetables combined with cayenne pepper inside a cat’s digestive tract. Projectiles plus black powder packed into a narrow tube. Hmmm. I think it best we don our raincoats today, just in case any of those projectiles are launched with any kind of ballistic arc at all. Rain of Terror indeed.

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