Saturday, September 26, 2020

What 4-Year-Old Boys Need

I'm on travel, supporting wife kitteh and one of our sons, so although I brought my laptop, I'm not going to open it today to blog. Instead, I'll post something short from my phone.

Somewhere out there is a 4 year old black boy. He should be learning his numbers and letters and shapes and colors. He doesn't have a father to teach him because his father never married his mother. His mom can't help him because someone like Breonna Taylor and her crew sold his mom drugs and now her brain is so fried that she can't do a good job as a mother.

When do we talk about kids like that instead of talking about Breonna Taylor?


ligneus said...

Damn excellent point you make. Sounds like Trumpian common sense!

Foxfier said...

Only when they're useful, usually as an excuse to force someone to do things that won't actually help but that they really don't wish to do-- such as kill his siblings, or use his bad situation as an excuse to take children from their intact families, in effect if not in fact.