Monday, September 28, 2020

The East Side Sprint

I'm in Fruitland, Idaho blogging from my phone because I left my laptop at our son's place in Seattle. Oh well.

Driving from coastal Washington to Idaho, I was struck by the narrow strip of green on the west coast. East of the Cascades, Washington turns into SoCal, an arid land of rolling hills. It has rivers, but it's not lush like Dixie. 

A grinding drive or not, it's been a good trip. We're heading to Bishop by way of Reno today. There should be some pretty views. 

Now let's see if I can share some of yesterday's photos... 

The first one is from inside the Cascades. The second is post-Cascades. Enjoy! 


Foxfier said...

That second picture is post-fire-- I'd say one to two years. Probably two, from the grass.

They had a REALLY nasty dry spell before the fires started this year, although some of the grassy areas look like that starting in July. (if you get close tot he grass at those times, you will see this years' faded green, last year's yellow, and "older" in shades of gray; I'm thinking that burnt because the grass looks like it has shadows in every direction, instead of a kind of gray glow)

It looks like you went over SnowQ?

Foxfier said...

That LOOKS like a very familiar span that's before that ski place on the top. :D If I do actually recognize it-- did they finish the construction next to the lake/reservoir yet? It's supposed to be a snow-slide tunnel thing, but they started work before we moved to the wet side and were still working on it when we left.