Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Cops And Psychiatrists Coming Apart

In his brilliant book, Coming Apart, Charles Murray describes how American society has split into two distinct groups. On one side you have college-educated professionals. On the other, you have the blue collar crowd. It's more than an economic division, it's a division of experience. Over time, the lives of the professional class have become more and more separated from, in my words here, people who know how to do real things.

Driving back from Seattle over the last few days, we went through rural Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California. These were lower-middle-class to poor places. We saw ranches, factories, prisons and farms along with their support industries like machinery repair, feed stores and diners.

I loved it.

The people there made things. They fixed things. I'm sure that most of them didn't have degrees and were scorned as racists by the Elites. It was the heart of Deplorable Nation. They would never have come up with an idea as absurd as having psychiatrists going with cops into violent situations.

I was fortunate to miss last night's debate. Instead, I smoked a chicken and supped with wife kitteh and one of our sons. I did see a couple of ghastly lowlights this morning. In one of them, Joe Biden said we needed to have psychiatrists join the police for calls like the one where Jacob Blake was assaulting his ex-girlfriend. This is not to single out Biden, I've heard Elites suggest this before. It's a ludicrous idea, born from never having done anything real.

Cop calls aren't scheduled like Senate committee meetings. You can't staff the things in advance. One minute, they're changing a tire, the next they're providing a traffic break for a wreck, the next they're taking down a robbery report, the next they're trying to get Jacob Blake under control.

The patrol car isn't a school bus. It's got a front seat for the cops and a back seat for the perps. Just where is the therapist going to sit? Is she going to ride with them all day? Is she a cop and does she have a gun and a badge? Does she twiddle her thumbs in the back seat most of 40 hours a week, waiting for that moment when she can ask, "And how did that make you feel?"

The cops respond to calls like Jacob Blake's ASAP. When some woman or child is getting thumped by a thug, the cops don't have time to swing by Therapists R Us and pick up a shrink. The idea is preposterous.

And yet, here we are, talking about it as if it made sense.

Here's an idea: The ANTIFA / BLM riots are fairly predictable in location and time. Let's try this idea out there. Send in a squad of therapists and let's see how they do.

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