Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Norwegian Advertising

... would be more effective than what I'm seeing from some progressives on Twitter.

I'm not sure what that is selling*, but if it makes me like the fat dude with the auto-docking boat, I'll take three of them.

Meanwhile, the progs are writing tweets that start with "Fellow white women..." The tweets urge 'white women' to vote against Trump in the primaries. They read like something from another planet. If they understood anything at all, anything about the vast majority of conservatives in 2018, they'd know that adding any racial identity group in their pitch is pure poison.

On YouTube, you can find dozens of Q&A sessions from talks by Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro or any of the other conservative luminaries and in the ones about race, the biggest applause lines, by far, are the calls for a color-blind society.

Talk about not knowing your audience!

* - OK, I know what it's selling, but I liked that turn of phrase too much not to use it.

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