Friday, May 25, 2018

Watching The News Media Interview Itself

I'm a big fan of Candace Owens. This is Candace.

I've been following her for quite some time. She's getting more and more play as people like Scott Adams, Kanye West and several big-name conservative podcasters and media celebrities mention her. Now, Brandy Zadrozny of NBC is going to interview her.

That's not actually true, though, is it? Since lots of us know Candace quite well, it's highly unlikely that Brandy's interview will tell us anything new about Candace. It will, however, tell us a great deal about Brandy and her management at NBC.

We know Candace is not alt-right and she is not far-right. We know she's not a racist. We know she's not an Uncle Tom, an Oreo or any of the other nicknames America's progressive give to people they see as traitors to der Volk. When we see Brandy's finished product, how will it comport with reality? Since we know Candace, but we don't know Brandy, the interview as published will tell us a lot.

It just occurred to me that an even better analogy is Brandy as a student in a lab class. We all know how the experiment should turn out, we all know the objective truth about Candace, so we're going to grade Brandy's analysis and lab notebook against it.

I'm hoping Brandy gets an "A."

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