Tuesday, May 22, 2018

There Aren't Any Rules

Insomnia last night and a class this morning means this is a cut-and-paste-and-comment kind of day.

From the WSJ comes this story about how the Euros are upset by Trump, essentially because he's not a member of the global elite and doesn't think like they do. Take the Iran deal, for example. Who does he think he is, upsetting the apple cart? They missed the key feature of Obama's imperial presidency. The un-American imperial part.
From the White House, things look very different. The Iran deal was not a legally binding instrument but the result of President Obama’s overreaching freelance diplomacy—as if Woodrow Wilson, counting the votes against the Treaty of Versailles, unilaterally committed the U.S. to join the League of Nations. The Europeans should have checked the relevant clauses in the American Constitution, assessed the state of congressional sentiment, and realized that Mr. Obama simply lacked the authority, political or constitutional, to commit the country permanently to such an agreement.
There was something similar on Instapundit today about Kamala Harris not being consistent on the death penalty.

Who cares? Part of the beauty of post-modernism where logic is trumped by feelings is that when you throw out objective reality, you throw out the rules as well. In a world with objective reality, there's no such thing as a treaty with the US unless the Senate ratifies it. Period. It's in the rules, i.e. the Constitution.

Bah! What nonsense. How narrow-minded of you. And I'll bet you think men and women are objectively different, too, you bigot.

Dispense with rules and logic and you find yourself being intensely upset at things which make you feel bad at the moment. We can't have that, can we?

Maybe we can and we should.

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