Friday, May 04, 2018

Runaway Balloons

... is what the MSM have become.

My one-week digital fast slapped me in the face with something important. For those who foolishly don't read this blog every day*, that was when I ditched Twitter, Facebook, surfing the web, political podcasts, most caffeine and alcohol, and other unimportant Internet information of any kind. I left the daily, nay, hourly close combat over Trumpian collusion and Stormy Daniels and all the rest for a week. When I came back, I discovered that I just don't care.

Trump didn't collude with Russia. He couldn't have for the simple reason that Russia didn't want him to win. They get 75% of their income from petroleum products and Trump's policies would lower the price. Besides, only total lunatics thought he could win in the first place. The whole "investigation" is just a bunch of high school popular kids from different cliques finding new ways to dis each other. How thrilling.

As a billionaire playboy, Trump probably slept with a dozen or more porn stars. That's what billionaire playboys do. They also pay them off to keep quiet when revealing the details would be inconvenient. Golly! He did that? And water is wet, too.

Meanwhile, the FBI and DOJ deliberately allowed Hillary to skate for her email felonies, any one of which would have put me behind bars for years. If you want me to be upset about non-collusion misdemeanors or a payoff to a bimbo, my response will be an Italian-American hand gesture.

So every once in a while, I tune back in and see the MSM running in circles, howling about one or more of these "scandals." What a complete waste of time. Meanwhile, we have these things going on for real.

This is a big deal. The 10-year rate should be somewhere around 4-5%. That's normal and those rates give the Fed some ammunition for the next recession. Rising interest rates while unemployment is at historic lows and the SP500 is stable or growing slightly is huge and I mean huge.
And there's this.

Peace on the Korean peninsula instead of a Japanese city being incinerated? HUGE.
And then there's this.

One of the biggest stars in American popular culture has dared to cross the modern color barrier. He's siting at the front of the bus, eating at the no-blacks-allowed lunch counter, giving speeches to crowds, take your pick. It looks like the dam is bursting in black culture and that is beyond huge.
So how do you explain the media's fascination with the frat boys in DC tying cans on each others' cars and short sheeting the other side during their week at sleepaway camp? Why are we listening to interviews of Stormy Daniels' lawyer talk about ... whatever it is a porn star's lawyer says? It's because the MSM is completely untethered from the real world and are now floating away, off into a fantasy world of their own making.

Bon voyage, kids.

* - I know I said this was going to be a Monday-Thursday blog, but my blogging OCD is turning out to be stronger than me. For those disappointed in my reversal, all I can say is what Captain Kirk said to the Klingon officer in Star Trek III, seen in this clip around 2:00.


ligneus said...

See related somewhat this post on Bookworm Room.

Mostly Nothing said...

Great now I want to watch all the Star Trek movies. Well, TOS. And why I would watch the first one or Final Frontier, I can't tell you.

And I've started Battlestar Gallactica, so this isn't the time.

At the gym this morning I forced myself to watch CNN while on the treadmill. I think I would have gotten more pertinent information from Inside Edition or TMZ.