Friday, May 18, 2018

How Do You Come Back From Defending MS-13?

I'm not interested in the political sides or the positioning on this one, just the credibility and reputation of the media.

Discussing crime and illegal immigration with law enforcement officials from California, President Trump called MS-13 gang members animals. If you listen to the conversation, it's clearly what he said. It's not even remotely up for disagreement. The news media ran with, "President Trump called some immigrants animals." The implication is that Trump and, by extension, his supporters are racists. Meanwhile, normal, civilized human beings see the MS-13 gang as, well, animals.

If you run a news organization, you're a middleman. You sell viewers to advertisers and you sell information to viewers. The more you damage viewers' trust in you, the fewer you'll have to sell to advertisers. Just what on Earth would motivate you to kick yourself in the groin like this? And once lost, how do you recover that trust? Do you care?

The only thing I can think is that the news media have become full-blown members of the cult of racism. They must have thought the story was real, that President Trump was really calling immigrants animals. They've got to be seeing everything through the lens of the racism cult. There's simply no other reason why you'd spew outright, easily debunked lies like this.

Below is Tucker Carlson interviewing a journalist who is so far into the cult that he can't see his way out. Meanwhile, normal people are confronted by a media who can't abide calling MS-13 gangsters animals. How you regain trust after that is beyond me.

Update: CNN tries to back out of the problem and save a bit of it's shredded reputation. Like most retractions, only a fraction of the people who saw the original will see the apology and clarification. Still, why was this ever necessary? It wasn't like CNN and the rest didn't know exactly what they were doing in the first place. This has all the hallmarks of an internal squabble within CNN between the cultists and the few, remaining employees who cling to sanity.


Foxfier said...

They didn't think it would shred their reputation because it never has before; they're still not use to there being other routes for information to get out.

ligneus said...

Hillary losing sent them so batshit crazy I don't think there's a way back for them. Perhaps they know it, perhaps they're so in shock at what they've done that that too bars the way back. It's too late, all bridges burned and stuck on a far shore.
Or of course their twisted Marxist minds think they're being oh so smart.