Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump Strikes Syria, CNN Hardest Hit

I've blogged before that I can't even get to first base on the Russians-hacked-the-election thing.
Trump OK'd the oil pipeline, making it much easier to extract oil out there where the bigots live in flyover country. Russia's primary source of hard currency is raw materials, specifically oil. If we produce more, the price goes down and the Russians are harmed.

Trump is asking for a defense build-up which will make us more able to face off with the Russkies in places like Syria and Ukraine. That's bad for Russia.

Trump is asking NATO to do more than hire hairdressers in their military and finally have armies worthy of the name. Those armies pose a direct threat to Russia's imperialist aims in Ukraine and the Baltics. That's not good for Ivan, either.

What am I missing here? It looks to me like the whole Trump thing has been bad for Putin and his goons. Why should I worry about whether or not some Senator talked to the Russian ambassador, particularly when they all did it as a matter of their normal jobs?
Now we have a missile strike on a Syrian airbase in response to the Russia-backed Syrians using poison gas.

Memo to Barack Obama: That's what reacting to someone crossing a red line looks like, sweetie.

From today's WSJ, we have this:
MOSCOW—Russia on Friday suspended a U.S.-Russian agreement on coordinating air operations over Syria in response to a U.S. strike on a Syrian airfield.

“The Russian President considers the American strikes on Syria aggression against a sovereign government in violation of the norms of international rights and under a contrived pretext,” the Kremlin said.
How much farther can the conspiracy theorists in the media and the Democratic Party (but I repeat myself) take the Trump-Russian connection now? Meanwhile, Susan Rice's apparent efforts to use the national security apparatus to spy on political enemies looks to be something real.

Here, mainstream media outlets discover they lit the wrong cigar. Again.


Kelly the little black dog said...

VOA seem to disagree with your assessment.

Kelly the little black dog said...

K T Cat said...

Completely wrecking runways is not what you do with million-dollar cruise missiles. That requires lots and lots of bombs. Instead, you do this: "Observers said al-Sharyat Air Base was 'almost completely destroyed' by the 1,000lb warheads in a 30-minute barrage of destruction that is said to have destroyed 20 planes, a dozen aircraft hangars and a fuel depot, as well as ripped up runways, storage sites and radars."

Daily Mail article

Meanwhile, there's the problem of the oil. The Russians knew Trump would open up drilling and knew Hillary would keep it shut down. With that being their primary source of cash and the Russian government an oligarchy, how would it make any sense at all to support Trump over Hillary?

The whole Trump-as-Russian-stooge is just ridiculous on its face.