Friday, March 03, 2017

Donald Trump Is A Fascist In League With The Russians

... or something like that. To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to believe. I think I should be outraged about Jeff Sessions or Trump being so Trumpy, but it's all very vague.

Trump is a fascist!

Mussolini said, "Everything within the State, nothing without." When Trump pushes for removing regulations and taxes, isn't that taking power and control away from the State? What kind of fascist does that? I don't get it.

Jeff Sessions mumble mumble mumble the Russians!

Trump OK'd the oil pipeline, making it much easier to extract oil out there where the bigots live in flyover country. Russia's primary source of hard currency is raw materials, specifically oil. If we produce more, the price goes down and the Russians are harmed.

Trump is asking for a defense build-up which will make us more able to face off with the Russkies in places like Syria and Ukraine. That's bad for Russia.

Trump is asking NATO to do more than hire hairdressers in their military and finally have armies worthy of the name. Those armies pose a direct threat to Russia's imperialist aims in Ukraine and the Baltics. That's not good for Ivan, either.

What am I missing here? It looks to me like the whole Trump thing has been bad for Putin and his goons. Why should I worry about whether or not some Senator talked to the Russian ambassador, particularly when they all did it as a matter of their normal jobs?

This is why the press can't have nice things

Finally, here are just two examples of yesterday's standard avalanche of lefty propaganda from our news media. Please, tell me again why we should pay any attention at all to what these people report.


Kelly the little black dog said...

I see your problem. You're defining fascism differently. Here, for example is how many Jews define it.

K T Cat said...

I've seen that one. Pretty poor stuff. Doesn't jive too well with Benito or Uncle Adolph. Then again, it's just a word that has no fixed meaning these days. It's like racist, sexist or homophobe - a name one can call those who hold contrary opinions without having to be held to a standardized, agreed-upon definition. By the way, dig this. I love it.

Me, I'm an objective originalist. Benito Mussolini invented the term and wrote a book thoroughly defining it. It's a short book and not hard to read. Mein Kampf is a bit more difficult, but reading a third or so of the thing will give you a decent idea of where he was going. You know, it's not like these guys didn't lay out their belief systems in detail. It's kind of hard to misinterpret them if you take the time to learn.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I'd go with the latin definitions since Mussolini is patient zero and many latin countries dabbled with fascist forms of governance.

Perhaps authoritarian is a better term since it encompasses both left and right and is more in line with strong man style politics.

The Trumpies seem to love employing many of the methods loved by fascists, but rather than proving they are fascists it just goes along with his strong man persona.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Oh, that link is great. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend the film "The Conformist."

So what are you giving up for lent? I'm giving up Facebook. I'm also working thru a book on daily lenten reflections from C. S. Lewis.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, Trump was definitely poured from the strong man template. Sadly, both sides want just that. Obama had his pen and phone and refused to work with Republicans and now we've got a complete nutcase taking up where he left off.

For Lent, I've given up swearing. Between that and my prayer journey for my friend with cancer, I'm pretty much out of major vices. :-)

C. S. Lewis is the bomb! I didn't realize you had gone in that direction spiritually. Awesomeness squared. As a mathematician, you must love his logic. I know I did, even though he was so much smarter than I am and a lot of it was a struggle.