Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Left, Right, It's All The Same

I hadn't planned on blogging about this today, but I spent about 20 minutes over coffee this morning sewer diving into a sequence of neo-Nazi timelines on Twitter. I clicked on one, just to get a flavor of it and then after scoping out his, scanned a few more for a while. It's no different from the racialist progressives I've been yelling about, living in Mein Kampf.

These guys were literally trying to live in Mein Kampf, each having at least one tweet wishing der Führer a happy birthday on that benighted anniversary.

I tried to step back and see what they had in common with their dance partners on the left and this was the best I could come up with: Arguing about race is easier than understanding ideas.

Islam is an idea. Judaism is an idea. Skin color isn't an idea. Debating ideas, even superficially, requires some amount of comprehension and opens you up to attack by people who know more than you about the subject. Race is comparatively trivial. A few cherry-picked stats showing your race is being mistreated and voila!, you've got an argument that can't be beat, so long as race is your differentiating factor. Depart from that and you might need to learn something. The horror.

And so it went in this particular sewer. Data taken from the census bureau or law enforcement sites was repeated over and over again along with ghastly images. Yep, the white race was oppressed or superior or something. It was hard to tell just what the point was. The only plus side was that these cretins had under 1000 followers each. The race-crazed dervishes on the left typically have at least an order of magnitude more reach on Twitter, due to their brain-dead narrative being repeated in the media and arts ad nauseam.

In any case, no one on either side has any need to think or learn so long as they stick with the melanin.


ligneus said...

Very sad comment on ou time and education system. I think the problem in part is that these people don't have any real problems to worry about, worrying about racism and such gives them some ersatz relevance somehow. Plus of course they've all been brainwashed anyway. I do think the pendulum world wide is swinging in our direction. In four years when people see what a Pres with common sense achieves, the Dems will be in even worse shape than they are now. Such an optimist!

K T Cat said...

ligneus, several commentators that I like say this is the result of the post-modern world ditching the idea of objective truth. If there's no objective truth, logic and knowledge are almost a disadvantage. The chap arguing against free speech in the NYT this week, a guy who is a University professor, said almost as much - that experience of oppression beats argument and logic.


Ilíon said...

The National Socialist party were not rightist, and neither are any neo-Nazis that mey exist.

K T Cat said...

Ilion - agreed, but these aren't classic Nazis. They're more like white supremacists who like to play dress up. The only thing they picked up from the Nazis was the racism. Again, the ideas of the movement such as total government control of society for the good of the race aren't evident in their Twitter feeds and it's doubtful they are even aware of them.

Ilíon said...

"The only thing they picked up from the Nazis was the racism."

Whether or not they picked up racism from the Nazis, they're still not rights. Some of them call themselves "alt-right", by which they mean to imply that they are "the *other* right", but the only "alternative" to the right is the left.

"Again, the ideas of the movement such as total government control of society for the good of the race aren't evident in their Twitter feeds and it's doubtful they are even aware of them."

Their foundational premises are anti-individual/collectivist; which is to say, they are leftists, not rightists. Many of them *are* aware of where the logic implications of their premises must logically-and-inevitably lead, but those ones either: lie to themselves to lie to their sheeple.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, I had thought that originally, but I'm not so sure. I have no doubt that they'd be horrified if confronted with the Nazis' mountains of economic regulations. Their Twitter feeds reveal ignorance and a strange confluence of ideas, economic libertarianism, white supremacism and lots of love for Uncle Adolph and the boys in brown shirts. I think the American neo-Nazi is a strange creature, difficult to pin down as left or right. If you forced me to choose, I'd say these guys are right wing. The original Nazis were thorough leftists, but these guys are too stupid to figure that out.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Maybe they aren't left or right. Let's see what's orthogonal to the x-axis... oh yeah... the imaginary axis.