Monday, September 12, 2016

I Want A Copy Of Hillary's Medical Records!

Now that I don't subscribe to the local paper, starter material for the charcoal chimney we use with our Weber grill is hard to find. I figure a nice, thick medical record, full of contradictory half-truths and outright fabrications ought to be enough to get fires going for a whole bunch of steaks, blackened fish, lambsicles and more.

Honestly, why is anyone making a big deal out of this? With this crew, anything they put out will be a lie, the revised version they put out a week later will be a lie, the all-new version a month after that will be a lie and the no-kidding-this-is-what-happened version a month after that will be a lie.

What's the point of asking for information from a person who, along with their entourage, does nothing but lie?

Throw another steak on the barbie, mate! Those medical records got it going right quick!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know they still let you all in California use charcoal grills anymore.