Friday, September 16, 2016

I Could Do A Lot With $65,914

With every dawn, a new day of racial jabbering begins. I challenge you to pick a political or societal essay at random and find one without race, specifically blacks, being discussed at least somewhere in it. Meanwhile, dig this.

I dunno, man. If I had a wife and an income of $65,914, I could do alright. My kids wouldn't go to Stanford, but they'd certainly be able to get a career-building education at a state university or a trade school.

The American promise is the right to pursue happiness, not have it delivered to you while you lounge poolside with a mint julep in your hand. $66K gives you a chance for a lot of pursuing. Dittos for "equality." Just what is "equality," anyway? None of us are physically, mentally or emotionally equal, no matter what we do. How much "equality" do you need before you just get on with living your life?

I can't figure out what all the fuss is about.


WC Varones said...

Actually, your kids could go to Stanford.

Most premier colleges have needs-based scholarships that cover a huge portion of costs for low-to-lower-middle income families.

It's the people in the mid-to-upper-middle income families who get hammered with full-freight tuition and the resulting lifetime debt.

Ohioan@Heart said...

How can anyone look at that and not realize the entire problem (OK, not the entire problem, but one #%*$&! big piece) is that there are more than 46% of their families without an adult male, while the rest of the country is running at a rate almost three times lower. Why would anyone be surprised that that has negative consequences to society in general and to that specific community even more so.

K T Cat said...

Ohioan, bingo. It's not racism. If living properly means I can work out a good life for myself and my family, what more does America need to do for me?