Saturday, September 10, 2016

Have We Become A Nation Of Pansies?

I hope not.

Two data points.

We will tell you what you can sing in your car

From a previous post, there's this bit.
WORCESTER, Mass. — A freshman tentatively raises her hand and takes the microphone. “I’m really scared to ask this,” she begins. “When I, as a white female, listen to music that uses the N word, and I’m in the car, or, especially when I’m with all white friends, is it O.K. to sing along?”

The answer, from Sheree Marlowe, the new chief diversity officer at Clark University, is an unequivocal “no.”

We will tell you what you can and cannot wear under your clothes

From a Federalist article on ladies' undergarments, there's this bit.
The New York Times discussed these shifting ideals: “For over 50 years, women in America have largely cast off such constrictive undergarments, which feminists criticized as symbols of repression.

My reply options

People trying to tell me what to do are likely to get a response selected from a very narrow range of alternatives.
  1. Go away. The Crystal Palace game is about to start and I want to watch it in peace.
  2. Do me a favor and shut up. I like this TobyMac song and you're talking over it.
  3. If you're going to keep talking, I'm going to need more beer. Lots more.
Seriously, when did we Americans become such sissies that we allow people we don't even know to tell us what underwear to buy and what songs to sing in our cars?

Is this how America ends? Pajama Boys, all?


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I'd ask the first girl why she was even listening to such a song. Seriously, why would you want that in your head? If you're really concerned about exposure to that word, don't listen to that music. But then, that would eliminate a whole genre, wouldn't it? A genre largely pedaled by the very people she's worried about offending.

It's such an upside down world.

K T Cat said...

"It's such an upside down world." - Amen to that!

Ohioan@Heart said...

Your use of "pansies" as a white heterosexual male demonstrates your Kingdom Animalia privilege. Further it shows you are a floraphobe and is an insult to, and a microagression against, all free thinking flowers, and those who self-identify as members of Kingdom Plantae. Further you shouldn't even think such a word, let alone speak, sing, or write it.

As soon as I'd finished that, and before I could press publish, I realized two things. First, why haven't we been forced to stop using "Kingdom"? Second, I suspect that many people at 'prestigious' Ivy League schools wouldn't even realize that it was meant as sarcasm.

K T Cat said...

Well, I have to say that, as a raging floraphobe, I saw that one coming.