Saturday, September 03, 2016

Does The Left Have Any Standards At All?

... or is it all about amassing more power to the government all the time?

On the right, this election has started some pretty nasty fights among major media figures. Sean Hannity (pro-Trump) and Jonah Goldberg (anti-Trump) might be the best examples. Both are big names for conservatives and their disputes have been public and vigorous.

Am I simply ignorant or is there no such fighting going on over Hillary Clinton on the left? There was some new outrage involving the FBI this week, but it's not worth repeating the details here. It's painfully obvious that Hillary is a venal liar whose corruption is unparalleled in American presidential history. Does anyone on the left care? Where's the squabbling? Where are the respected pundits who are saying they will never vote for Hillary under any circumstances?

If Hillary doesn't create such disputes, it's hard to think of what personified combination of greed, duplicity and power-seeking might.


IlĂ­on said...

I've heard that the left have double standards, which makes them twice as moral as you and I.

Mostly Nothing said...

There was a news story from Detoit, I think. Trump was going there. Everyone they interviewed said they were Democrats because their parents were, and it was who they were. They last on said he was no fan of Hillary, Bernie all the way.

To me the scariest thing is the worst President in the history of the US would win in a landslide against these two.