Thursday, January 14, 2016

Donald Trump Is Having A Blast

I've like to use clipconverter to turn YouTube recordings I don't have time to watch into MP3s that I can listen to in the car. It's a really neat tool.

Recently, I've been picking candidates' speeches from YouTube and sampling them as I drive. These speeches give you a really good sense of what the person believes and who they are. Yesterday, I listened to this Trump speech and this Cruz speech. It was enlightening.

First, I'm warming to Trump. I don't think he's got a platform you can really put your finger on, but he's having a really good time out there. He's a very happy warrior, soaking up all the attention and just riffing on whatever it is he wants. People are eating it up because it's so genuine. As a president, I think he'd be the same guy - having a ball with whatever came his way and basking in the attention of millions. That last is what gets him going in the morning. He's an egotist from the word "Go!" His cheerfulness and enthusiasm is infectious.

Cruz is now my first choice even though he's pretty dour compared to Trump. That speech linked above takes a 2x4 to the Republican leadership, something that's long overdue. When it comes to substance, I think Cruz has it in spades. I know I'm supposed to hate Cruz, but I can't figure out why. All I know is that my progressive friends think he's the devil incarnate and the Republican poohbahs and pundits (like David Brooks) despise him.

In both of these cases, Trump and Cruz, I think I like them for the enemies they've made.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Cruz comes off as dry, but then you scratch the surface and get this:

K T Cat said...

That was great!

Ilíon said...

Unfortunately, with respect to Cruz, Trump is half-right about his Constitutional eligibility to president (or vice-president); to wit: he isn't. That is, his answer is correct, but his reasoning is (quite) wrong ... thus, he's unlikely to be correct about others (Rubio, Jindal, Obama), and one must wonder whether his answer about Cruz is principled or self-serving.

Ilíon said...

WRT the linked Trump speech: So, Trump is pandering to the Iowa corn-farmers sucking at the federal subsidy teat?