Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation, Jet Ski Edition

  1. Jet skis are fun.
  2. They go fast.
  3. More faster is more funner.
  4. GoPro cameras can capture some of the fun.
  5. GoPro cameras are limited by the quality of the lens and where and how you mount the camera.
  6. Given that the GoPro isn't bought for it's great optical characteristics, using a GoPro is all about finding a comfortable and stable mount for it.
  7. Jet skis are fun.
  8. Enjoy.

We fly back home today. This has been a wonderful family vacation. We broke the bank on this one because it's the last one before one of the lads moves out for good after his college graduation a few weeks ago.

I hope you and yours have a great summer this year, too.

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tim eisele said...

Yep. The folks on jet skis out in the Portage right now look like they are having a good time, too. You just need a nice, elongated stretch of water to really wind 'er up, and away you go.

(The Portage Lake Canal is about 20 miles long, and opens out into Lake Superior on either end, but is narrow enough that the waves don't get excessive. It's perfect for high-speed watercraft. A bit colder than Grand Cayman, though)