Sunday, June 08, 2014

Finals Are Next Week

... and we're into the last, frantic rush of studying here in the Catican Compound. I'm feeling pretty good about my daughter's chances. If she can survive her Junior year and pass her classes she's pretty much home free. Her Senior year will only have two substantive courses. We can't wait for high school to be over. School has been 11 years of torture. The real world will be much, much easier than this.

As far as her Amerikkkan History class goes, it dawned on me yesterday that it wasn't history so much as critical race theory mixed with political cheer leading. That explained why the book slaughtered every narrative arc and why it's been so difficult to study. There's no plot to the thing at all. Each event is merely a chance to discuss racism and government expansion. Each plot point drowns in a sea of propaganda.

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Mostly Nothing said...

Good luck to her. It's unfortunate that she has had to learn so young that there is a right answer and an expected answer.