Sunday, June 22, 2014

Canyon Dive

Yesterday, we felt a lot more at home in the water and I spent a little more time with the GoPro. I discovered a few things about it.
  1. You want to be pretty close to whatever it is you're trying to film.
  2. It would work best if the camera was on a tripod. In the air, you can hold it steady. In the water, even calm water, you're bobbing around too much to keep it from bouncing. It does OK with long, slow swimming, but if you want to capture a scene, you need a steady, solid mount.
  3. Forget photos. Underwater, there's so little light that the shutter speed is set too slow to get anything other than blurs.
The canyon below was how we got to the wall for our deep dive yesterday, about 100' down. It was great fun and we even saw a few sharks, one of whom I filmed and might post later. In any case, enjoy.

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