Sunday, May 11, 2014

UpdateStar Drivers - Most Excellent!

My laptop recently had a hard drive failure. Not a crash, a total failure. It was an SSD, so when it died, it simply vanished without a trace. One minute it was fine and then next minute the laptop was suggesting I might want to find a boot disk somewhere.

After replacing it, I loaded Win7, but didn't have a drivers disk for the machine. I used the drivers Win7 had, plus a handful downloaded from the manufacturer's site, but the laptop kept hanging while using a browser. The pause never lasted long, but it was clear there were driver issues.

I downloaded UpdateStar Drivers and paid $30 for the thing and it went out and found not only all of the missing drivers, but all of the updated ones as well. In short order, everything was up to date and the machine is rock solid now.

Aside: I replaced the SSD with a standard hard drive. The speed difference is amazing. I don't think I'll ever buy a standard hard drive ever again. The machine is about half as fast as it used to be. Yuck.

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