Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Difference Between Children And Adults

Well, a difference anyway.

What do you think of this:
A child's goals: Maximize pleasure and minimize aggravations.

An adult's goals: To be happy, successful and independent.
These are often orthogonal. For example, the best definition of happiness I've heard comes from either Earl Nightingale or Zig Ziglar and it goes something like, "Happiness is the achievement of a worthy goal." Such achievements require regular doses of aggravation suffered with grace as well as the delay of pleasures. Dittos for success. Jerry Rice's workouts are the last word in self-inflicted aggravation and delayed pleasure. Finally, it's far easier to maximize pleasure if you're dependent on someone else. And think of all the aggravations you push off on them!

I've been pondering this lately so I thought I'd share.

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