Monday, May 12, 2014

Rooting For The Houston Astros

At Notre Dame (Notre Dame!), students seeking to organize a campus group to support traditional marriage are being shouted down by the forces of tolerance and inclusiveness. Go ahead and check it out at the link, I'm not going to bother excerpting what is by now a familiar theme of Goebbels-esque gobbledygook. I left a comment there that may well be deleted, so I'll repeat it here.

Watching members of Notre Dame seek to protect their innocent, shell-like ears from the wicked temptations of traditional marriage while places like Oakland are falling to ruin as a result of "inclusiveness" is something else.
Scoreboard, kids. Championing inclusiveness over traditional marriage is like being a fan of the Houston Astros. Go ahead and wear the jersey, but don't try telling the rest of us that your team doesn't stink.
This image works on so many levels.

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