Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jersey Shore Sunrise

I shot this about an hour and a half ago near Stone Harbor, NJ. I had given up on the sunrise at the shore due to low-lying clouds over the Atlantic and was driving to a local Starbucks* when I caught this scene as I crossed a bridge. I left the image fairly large so it might be worth a click. I think the sun and the cloud right above it look like the eyeball and monobrow of a cyclops. I hope that didn't ruin the image for you.


* - The Starbucks wasn't open because, you know, there's no reason to open early on a Saturday. I Yelped up another coffee shop with Interweb Tubes, drove there, got a coffee and found out they didn't have the Interweb. Gaaaahhhhhhhhh! I ended up back at the original Starbucks, having blown 50 minutes driving around New Jersey like an idiot.


B-Daddy said...

To some, the accumulation of 50 minutes driving time by a Californian in New Jersey would constitute idiocy, regardless of the reason.

Ohioan@Heart said...

At least you knew that a picture of the sun over the ocean would be sunrise not sunset. (There is a story about a San Diego Padre taking his wife to the beach to watch a sunset, when he was playing on the East Coast...)

drozz said...
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