Friday, May 17, 2013

The Next Step In Smartphones

... will be to recruit us as secondary notification tools.

A friend of mine posted this to his Facebook page:
My phone is getting too smart. Apparently it knows that I may need to give someone a ride to the airport tomorrow, so it's already telling me what the traffic is like on the way to Chipotle.

So amazingly helpful and incredibly creepy at the same time. I think my phone is stalking me.
It must be Google Now or something of that sort. My Galaxy S3 does the same kind of thing. The next step will be to have our phones communicate when his detects that he's not doing what it wants him to do. I'll get a notification something like this:

"Call Jim. He's supposed to be taking his friend to the airport and he's still in bed. And tell him to get his phone a new case. The one he has isn't sturdy enough."


Kelly the little black dog said...

How do we know that your phone hasn't take over your blogging?

TheCatholicScienceGeek said...

I think I will stick to my not-so-smart phone as long as I can.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

And yet there is

My favorites are the ones where the phone makes a completely innocuous text conversation mortifying. Then, in the ensuing temper tantrum, the user curses the auto correct. Only to have those comments "corrected" to something silly and innocent.

I'm thinking we've unwittingly developed rogue AI, but it's in need of psychiatric help.

Mostly Nothing said...

You need to get back to finance, food and flowers. Phones are offlimits. I got this:

"KTCat has been blogging about smart phone abilities. This is a dangerous precedent and can not be allowed. Stop him, it is for his own good."