Saturday, May 18, 2013

The IRS Scandal Is Different

It's not like anything we've ever seen. Watergate was a small-time, localized job in comparison. This was a national campaign of intimidation and information gathering from one of the most powerful arms of the US Government.

In Connecticut  a Catholic professor who wrote articles about ObamaCare and tracked down Soros funding of progressive fake-Catholic organizations got audited. In North Carolina, a couple of organizations run by Billy Graham's family that publicly opposed gay marriage got audited for the first time ever. Big campaign donors for Mitt Romney got called out publicly by the president and then audited not once, but three times, never having been audited before.

The more you look into it, the worse it gets. It is so broad and so deep that it's hard to overstate just how horrific it is.

Remember, the winner of the election gets to spend $3.5T and controls the drones. More powerful still is the ability to staff the bureaucracy that actually makes many laws, modern legislation being filled with general directives for government departments to flesh out as they see fit. Politics is becoming all-consuming and the seductive power of victory can dissolve all moral restrictions. That's what we're seeing here.

Finally, we have this op-ed from Peggy Noonan, no one's idea of a right-wing ideologue. It ends with this and so will I.
(I)f what happened at the IRS is not stopped now, it will never stop. The next White House will come in and they’ll know they can do it too. And if they’re unlucky enough to be caught, they’ll have a have a few uncomfortable moments in Congress, and a few people who were going to retire in the summer will retire in the spring. And it will all go on.

We are at a point now where you can make a list of things that, all combined and allowed to continue, can kill America. This is one of them. Widespread belief that the revenue-collecting arm of the US government is hopelessly corrupt is one of them.


Doo Doo Econ said...

It is debatable if Benghazi or the IRS scandal are bigger, but the AP scandal already connects back to Yemen.

Yemen where AQAP is based which took credit in Benghazi. AQAP is also related to the Saudi, Al Harbi, who was let go in the Boston Bombing.

Pigford still hasn't begun to be reported. Pigford settlements were given to Obama cronies instead of the people injured in the lawsuit. People who happen to be African American were injured by Obama.

It is getting interesting...

K T Cat said...

DDE, I know there's been a lot of SLOBS discussion on how and why the Benghazi deal is bigger than the IRS, but I don't get it. You list a sequence of links that lead from one spot to another. The IRS scandal has no links at all. It's simply the most powerful and pervasive enforcement arm of the government oppressing private individuals that oppose the will of the President.

How can anything be bigger than that?

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I think that the biggest problem is the suppression of the media from within and without. The media could/should be as big a check on the government as the Constitution.

tim eisele said...

Ivyan: Yes, and the IRS thing is exactly what the media is supposed to be exposing and checking.

I'm concerned that some people might be trying to downplay the IRS abuses, because they hope to be able to use the IRS themselves to do something similar in the future, when *their* favorite party is in power. This is the danger: the IRS can be a hammer for *any* party, and so once it starts getting used that way, it will *never stop*.