Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Word On How Much Power They're Getting From The Unicorns

This is a fantastic site showing real-time information about the power grid in the UK. Here are the main dials as of this post.

They're using 30GW of which less than 1 comes from renewables.
Good luck stopping Global Warming Climate Change. That is, unless you want the Brits to go back to living in peat huts around a fire pit. It seems particularly fortunate the Climate Change looks to have been overblown.


Dean said...

As a comparison point, I went outside and stared at my electric meter. Just didn't have the same appeal.

K T Cat said...

I agree. I drive over around 2AM most nights to stare at your electric meter. It's even more boring than B Daddy's.

drozz said...

down in the 30's yesterday.

hey remember that great post where you were complaining about living in SoCal because of the weather?