Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Paid For This

We're running a $1.5T debt, the Fed is printing money in a way they have never done before and we're paying for a Cowboy Poetry Festival. There's delicious irony to all of this as ably pointed out by Mark Steyn.
Once upon a time, the cowboy embodied the rugged individualism of the frontier. In Harry Reid’s world, he embodies dependency without end. To “preserve” the “tradition,” it is necessary to invert everything the tradition represents: From true grit to federally funded grit.
Cowboys, those tough hombres, those loners of the prairie, those self-sufficient wranglers of cattle need a government handout so they can recite poetry.

Man, I'll bet the lace on their underwear really itches under their chaps.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I'll have you know my favorite cowboy wore lace underwear-- my mother. ^.^ (She doesn't get a subsidy for her original poetry, though.)

Rose said...


You'll like this one too: "I just can't quit you."

Mostly Nothing said...

If it's so popular and draws 10,000 people, can't it be self sufficient?